FAQ / How-to Buy & reward Program

What is PXCS?

PIXELCARS is an NFT based and community-driven project running on XRPL.

How many PXCS token exist?
There will be 10000 PXCS token ever made and some are also subject for burnt. More details soon.

Is the wallet with PXCS token blackholed?

Where can we find the Whitepaper?

Where can I set PXCS trustline?
- Install Xumm Wallet
- Deposit XRP in your Xumm wallet
- Go to https://xumm.community/
- Look for PXCS token and click “set trustline”
- Or click this link https://xumm.community/?issuer=rNwgtMaqziGqLiDzeXE91B8D2cB5m2fDhc&currency=PXCS&limit=9999.998188191474

Where can I buy PXCS?
PXCS is available on Sologenic and XRPtoolkit

How to buy?
Sologenic link:


- Visit https://www.xrptoolkit.com/
- Connect wallet
- Under select wallet type click "Xumm App"
- Tap the blue button thats says Open with Xumm
- Slide to accept and close after completion
- Go back to XRPtoolkit
- Click trade option
- You'll see XRP-USD on top of your screen
- Click switch
- Select XRP as qoute
- Select PXCS as base
- Tap anywhere on the empty white space to get the currency pair window disappear
- You can now buy limit or buy current market price of PXCS